Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A little bit of everything.

I have had very bad luck so far this week!  One of our cars got towed and we had to pay TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS to get it back.  We were supposed to move our car from it's parking space so they could plow but we totally forgot since it was the first snow of the season and the first time we would have needed it moved since we have lived here.  Horrible!  I am also missing my ipod...and I am absolutely positive it was in the small "ipod pocket" in my purse earlier this week.  I really hope it turns up soon because working out is soooo boring without it.   Oh and one of my favorite earrings is missing as well :(  Not cool.

On the bright side, the clothes I ordered with gift cards from Christmas came today.  New clothes always make everything better in my opinion!  I bought a few sweaters and a pair of jeggings.  Have you heard of jeggings?  They are like skinny jeans but more form fitting and as comfortable as leggings.  Being five feet tall and a bit hippy...I was quite weary of buying a pair.  I feared they would make me look like an oompa loompa, but to my surprise they have officially become my favorite pair of jeans EVER.  This is coming from a girl who constantly struggles to find jeans that are short enough, fit right, and are comfy.  They are super flattering and amazingly comfortable!  They move with me instead of staying all stiff and stay tucked into boots perfectly without bunching up!  Oh and they are high-waisted enough to avoid mooning the whole world but low-rise enough to look hot.  I totally recommend them.  Take my advice-even if you think they will make you feel like a Willy Wonka character and at least try a pair on.  Do it!  Seriously...you can thank me later.  

Today also marks day one of my gym commitment with a fellow cheerleader.  We have a set schedule for working out the rest of the week so that we won't back out and can motivate each other to work harder.  I burned 350 calories on the elliptical in a half hour, walked around the track, and did lots of abs.  I'm finally on my way to losing that 10-15 pounds!  Tomorrow after the gym we are getting salads (like good gym buddies!) and watching chick flicks all night.  I'm very excited!  :)

I'm also a proud nanny because Quinn took his FIRST steps to me yesterday!  *tear*  Now that he started, he can't seem to stop.  Today I managed to get him to walk 12 steps to me by bribing him with his favorite toy-my cell phone (by holding it juuust out of reach hehe).  He is growing up waaay too fast. 

I hope everyone has a great week!


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  1. Sorry about the bad luck but new jeggings are always cool... I love mine!