Friday, November 12, 2010

Thirty Day Challenge-Days Eight & Nine

Okayyy so I got a bit behind on the thirty day challenge, but I promise to make up for it right now!
Day Eight's challenge:
Post a picture of something you hate.
Cold Weather
Mismatched clothing


Day Nine Challenge:
List your hopes, dreams, plans, and goals for the next 365 days.
Welllll in the next year I want to accomplish the following things (not necessarily in order):
  1. Make the Dean's List again.
  2. Earn 1st place at our cheering competitions.
  3. Continue to save money.
  4. Pay all of our bills on time...every month.
  5. Enjoy the holidays.
  6. Go to a baseball game.
  7. Buy more teacher clothes.
  8. Complete student teaching.
  9. Spend time with fiance/friends/family.
  10. Read LOTS of good books.
  11. Go to the gym.
  12. Graduate from college!
  13. Get hired as a teacher at a Maine elementary school.
  14. Be a kick ass teacher :)
  15. Move out of Farmington/find a great new place to live.
  16. Get a dog!
  17. Lose weight.
  18. Go on vacation.
  19. Go swimming.
  20. Go hiking.
  21. Go snowmobiling.
  22. Buy a wedding dress!!
  23. See my bestie Kristina Marie get married!
  24. Smile OFTEN!
  25. Buy a new TV.
  26. Help out Safe Passage.
That was much harder than I expected!  I feel like I probably have many more goals for the next year but that is all I can think of for now.  :)  Promise to avoid "catch up" posts in the future!

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