Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thirty Day Challenge-Day Sixteen

Okay, I admit it...I failed the 30 day challenge :(  I'm sorry to have disappointed you blog readers!  I have been very busy with the last week of school before Thanksgiving break and then traveling for the holidays.  I had three Thanksgiving and traveled over 300 miles in four days.  I am going to pick up where I left off now :)

Day 16 Challenge:
Post some pictures of clothing that describe/represent your personal style.

Ohh a clothes fun :)  Why did I put this off again?  My style changes depending on if I am teacher Bri, college student Bri, or going out Bri.  Being on a budget often prevents me from fully representing my style but I am a good bargain hunter ;) 

Teacher Bri: I'm totally not a "school bus dress wearing" teacher.  I prefer comfy dress pants, non-revealing tops, and sweaters.  I wear heels but flats are nice too for teaching since I'm sitting on the floor a lot.  If I wear skirts or dresses they are about knee length with non-see-through tights under.  My teacher wardrobe would ideally come from Ann Taylor Loft and Express but my lack of funds leaves me currently owning only a few pieces form these stores.  I try to buy lots of basic pieces in different colors that easily mix and match with each other to provide many options.

College Student Bri: I spend a great deal of my time being a nanny, sitting in classes, and going to the gym/cheering practice.  During these times I tend to dress comfy and not very classy.  I wear a lot of American Eagle/Aerie, and Forever 21 when I am college student Bri.

Going out Bri: I like to dress up when I'm not in comfy clothes or teaching clothes.  Depending on where we are going I kind of mix teaching clothes with comfy clothes and throw in a little more sexy. 

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