Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thirty Day Challenge-Day Fourteen

Make a list of twelve things you are great at/talents you have.  Then make a list of twelve things you are bad at/struggle with.

Things I am good at:
  1.  I am great with children. 
  2. Shopping.  I'm a fabulous shopper.
  3. I am a very fast reader.  If I want to I can always finish a book in a few hours max.  I try to make them last though because I'm poor!
  4. I'm very good at remembering things.  Song lyrics, exact conversations, what people are wearing when I see them.  I remember the exact layout of most houses/buildings I have been in in my life. 
  5. Writing.  I am a good writer and can usually bust out an "A" paper in less than an hour.
  6. Standardized test taking.  Hmm, thankfully I am done with this though because being good at them does not make them anymore fun.  Promise.
  7. Public speaking/interviewing.  This is because of my pageant experience.  Also, I am a fab. bullshitter and can make what I am saying sound intelligent and impressive without having any idea what I am going to say until it comes out of my mouth...literally.  I don't know why.  I was one of those kids everyone wanted on their team for group presentations because with little to no preparation I could nail it.  This also makes me a kick ass debater.  Random, right?
  8. Multitasking.  I actually get bored when I am not allowed to do more than one thing at once.  I hate classes that don't allow me to type my notes because I get bored and zone out.
  9. I'm very flexible.  I regularly have to hold my foot to my head while in the air at cheering.  However, this is not a natural talent and is (unfortunately) something I have to work at every day.
  10. Singing.
  11. Staying organized.  I keep a planner in my purse and an assignment book in my bag.  I put all appointments, assignments, events, practices, work times, etc. in both of them.  I also check them off as they are completed.  I also have calenders everywhere and keep a to-do list on my desktop at all times.  I have folders on my desk top for school that are separated by year, semester, class, and notes/assignments.  I also have one for wedding planning that is just as organized.
  12. Texting.  I rarely have to look at my phone while texting.
 Things I am bad at:
  1. Memorizing/understanding anything with numbers.  Telephone numbers, dates, directions, etc.  I suck at anything to do with (even basic) math.
  2. Hiding my emotions.  I'm a super emotional person and if I am happy/angry/sad/annoyed/etc. everyone can always tell.
  3. Keeping my opinion to myself.  I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut and talk all the time.
  4. Sleeping.  I'm a horrible sleeper.  There will be nights when I lay awake all night and feel WIDE AWAKE for absolutely no reason.  Yes, this is just as annoying as it sounds.
  5. Talking on the phone (to most people).  I hate calling anyone other than those closest to me.  I literally freak out when I have to call distant relatives/friends or make any type of professional phone calls.  In person I can talk to anyone...this only applies to phone calls for some reason.
  6. Experiencing change.  I really like things to stay the same and it takes me way too long to adjust to any type of change.
  7. Running.  I swear no matter how often I run, I still suck at it.  This may be because of my slight heart murmur and other random illnesses.  This reminds me:
  8. Staying healthy.  I always get the weirdest medical problems.  Since high school I have had a horrible case of cat scratch disease, and salmonella (twice).  I also had the chicken pox twice as a kid even though everyone says you should only get it once.  I am lactose intolerant, have a small heart murmur (although it hasn't bothered me in awhile so I think it may have gone away!), poor circulation (I'm always cold and my legs and arms turn blue often.), and last year I had a cold for the entire winter.  Literally.  
  9. I'm really awful at saying "no".  I tend to be an overachiever and take on way too many activities/commitments at once.  This causes my days to be overwhelming and ridiculously busy.
  10. Finding teacher clothes that I like and are in my price range?  This is a constant struggle for me.
  11. Spelling!  Even though I am an avid reader and great language arts/english student, I am a horrible speller.  I have a huge vocabulary, I just have to spell check in order to use it.
  12.  Trying new food.  I really like to stick to what I know and am an extremely picky eater.

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