Sunday, November 7, 2010

Thirty Day Challenge-Day Five

Today is day five of the posting challenge.  Last night we went to the Senior Social (very official!) and a double birthday party for some of our friends so I am not feeling the best today.  At 4 today I have our banquet for the 7th and 8th grade cheering squad I coached this season.  I am finishing up my speech right now and still need to get ready for that.  That goes to 8 and then I also have practice 8-10 after so it should be a long night.  Annnyways, here is today's challenge:
Post a list of your twenty favorite things:
Only twenty?  Okay in no particular order, my 20 favorite things-

1.) Swedish fish.  But only the big red ones!
2.) The color pink.
3.) Sleeping/naps/lazy days.
4.) Reading a good book.
5.) Comfy clothes/my sweats/my A&F flannel.
6.) Working with/spending time with children.
7.) Fiance face!
8.) My family and friends.
9.) Going to a spa and getting massages, facials, pedis, manis, etc.  Basically-being pampered.
10.) Going shopping!  Typically when I find cute things or great bargains.
11.) Daisy Bernadette.  I especially like when she headbutts me to say hello, cuddles with me, and sleeps on my face.
12.) Safe Passage and the Safe Passage community.
13.) Ice cream.
14.) Listening to good music.
15.) Tall Ugg boots.
16.) Wine (except today...bleck)
17.) Competition cheerleading-participating, coaching, and watching.
18.) Summertime and spending time at the beach/in the sun.
19.) Boston Red Sox.
20.) Photography.

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