Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Tuesday!

So J and I are horrible college students and decided to skip going out on Halloween.  Oops.  Saturday night we ended up staying in, watching scary movies, renting Chinese food, and drinking wine :)  Sunday we went to the future inlaws house to hand out candy, watch more scary movies, and drink more wine.  :)  It was a fun weekend for us even though it definitely isn't a definition "fun" weekend for most college students.  Oh well! 

I didn't get to see Ava and Quinn go trick-or-treating but I did get to see lots of cute pictures!  Yesterday Ava insisted on splitting half of her Halloween candy with me.  She is such a sweetheart! 

This is the last week of cheering for the 7th and 8th grade football cheering squad I coach.  As fun as it was, I am excited for the season to be over so I can have a few nights without commitment.  We have our last practice tomorrow, a play off game Saturday, and the end of the year banquet Sunday.  For the banquet all the squads perform a small routine so we have been focusing on perfecting that.  I really hope they do as well as I know they can.  Sometimes middle schoolers are so unpredictable.  Also, today they all received the flu shot so half of them were sick and had sore arms.  Not cool!

There is an outbreak of LICE at the school I tutor at as well as at the school I teach Kindergarten at.  I am wearing my hair up and keeping my fingers crossed that no tiny bugs come near me :( UGH I feel itchy just talking about it.  I guess this is something I should probably get used to as an Elementary Education major, huh?

I have probably already mentioned this before but I start student teaching January 18th.  I can't believe how quickly this semester has gone by. Lets hope that at this time next year I am half way through my first official teaching job ;)

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