Sunday, November 28, 2010


I had three great Thanksgiving dinners and it was so nice to see all of my family.  However, I am glad to be back at our apartment instead of driving all over the state!  We took Daisy with us on our travels and she had many adventures including big scary dogs, little scary dogs, and very little sleep.

J and I went shopping for Black Friday for the second year in a row and had so much fun!  The Freeport outlets opened at midnight and we got there at about 1:30 AM.  (Crazy right?!  I told you I was a bargain shopper!) We found some fabulous deals there and enjoyed the beautifully lit up Christmas scene around Freeport.  When we finished there we had breakfast in Portland before hitting the Maine mall.  At this point it was hailing out and FREEZING cold.  We fueled up on bagels and coffee and then braved the mall around 3:30 AM.  We found more great deals at the mall and actually finished the majority of our Christmas shopping by the time we were done at 8AM.  We went back to Josh's parents' house and slept for a few more hours, bringing us to a grand total of 6 hours of sleep!  Not too shabby :)  I would post pictures of our fabulous finds but that would give away the surprises so you will have to wait.

I'm sure you knew about Black Friday but have you ever heard of Cyber Monday?  It is a fairly new phenomenon that is similar to Black Friday deals/sales except online only.  Ann Taylor Loft is having a 40% off sale (everything on their site!), Holister is giving 25% off when you spend $125 and also free shipping, Express is having 40% off when you spend $150 and free shipping as well as a huge sale, and many other stores are having huge sales.  *Hint* *Hint* Bri Christmas shoppers-I just updated my post with my Christmas list and MANY of the items are on sale now :)  Juuuust in case you were wondering of course.

I hope you had a fabulous holiday!  We only have a few weeks left of school before the semester ends and we get a whole month off for winter break!  YAY!  I will post again soon <3

Thirty Day Challenge-Day Seventeen

Day Seventeen's Challenge:
Help your readers get to know you.  Answer the following questions about yourself:

Hi, your name is?

Did the last person you kiss have braces?

You see your ex and he/she tells you they miss you & you say?

If you could change your eye color what would it be?
Well my eyes change from blue to green depending on what I'm wearing.  I would just have them stay bright blue.

Was it hard for you to get over your ex?
Some exes, yes.  Others, not so much.

Could you stay in the same relationship for over a year?
haha obviously.

Do you have a hard time admitting you're wrong?
I don't think so.

Who was the last person you talked on the phone with?
Fiance face

Do you believe that your ex cares about you?
I'm not sure any of my exes even cared about me when we were together to be honest.

Do you wake up cranky?

How do you feel about smoking?

Who all has seen you at your "worst"?
Joshua, best friends, family, hmm others I'm sure.

What are you supposed to be doing right now?
cleaning or homework.

Have you kissed ONE person more than 20 times in 2010?
Oh yes.

Have you been kissed by someone whose name started with a J?
Ha! Yes :)

Can guys and girls be best friends without making it more?
Definitely, as long as both people are on the same page.

First text this morning?
Joshua when he was at work.

Do you cry easily?

Are you considering a tattoo?

Have you ever had the feeling something bad was going to happen and you were right?
All the time.  I think I'm part psychic!

Do you have a friend of the opposite sex you can talk to?

Were you single on Valentine's Day?
I was not.

What color shirt are you wearing?

Do you open up to people easily?
Yes, I am very outgoing. 

Do you like to go out in the rain?
Negative.  It messes up my hair and gets the bottom of my jeans wet :(

Is there someone you just CANNOT stand?
Oh, for sure.

How often do you lose your voice?
Not often?

Do you ever think "what if''?

Is there someone who meant a lot to you at one point, and isn't around now?
A few.

What is the relationship between you and the last two people you texted?
Joshua and I are engaged and Lyndsay and I are friends <3

When was the last time you saw your mom?
Last Sunday for our Thanksgiving!

Does anyone have feelings for you?
Judging by the fab rock on my finger I'm going to say yes ;)

How long does it take you to fall asleep at night?
Ugh.  Way too long.  I am a horrible sleeper and sometimes I lay awake all night.  Sore subject...

Do you have a job?
Yes!  I'm a part time nanny and a full time student.  Next year I hope to be a full time teacher though!

Do you like hot sauce?
I do!

Has the last person you kissed slept with more then 3 girls?
No he has not.

Have you ever wanted to scream at the top of your lungs for no reason?
haha well not for no reason.

Do you like Movies with Subtitles?
not particularly.

Who was the last person to yell at you?
Umm Josh joking around probably.

Are girls confusing?

You're stuck in a locked room with the last person you text messaged. Who is it?
Joshua Michael <3

Will tomorrow be better than today?
Hmm probably not.  I got to be lazy today but tomorrow I have tutoring, class, and practice.

Are you a naturally happy person?
Most of the time.

Is there a girl you would do anything for?
Best friends and family.

How many times have you kissed the last person you text messaged?
Hmm many.

Did anyone see your last kiss?
no...well maybe Daisy Bernadette. 

How do you react when people sing "Happy Birthday" to you in a restaurant?
haha I always feel so awkward!

What's something you really want right now, be honest?
To lost ten pounds, have my homework do itself, 2 million dollars...ha so many things would be nice.

Can you remember the last time you really liked someone?
Currently of course.

Are you wearing something that belongs to someone else?
J's shirt.

Do you believe love lasts forever?
True love does <3

Do you ever think about the past?

Looks or personality?
Personality is way more important in my opinion.

What do you hear right now?
The tv.

Have you ever cried so much you threw up?
Ugh, yes.

When was the last time you talked to one of your best friends?
Earlier today.

Do you ignore people when you're mad/upset with them?
That depends on the person and what they did to upset me.

Thirty Day Challenge-Day Sixteen

Okay, I admit it...I failed the 30 day challenge :(  I'm sorry to have disappointed you blog readers!  I have been very busy with the last week of school before Thanksgiving break and then traveling for the holidays.  I had three Thanksgiving and traveled over 300 miles in four days.  I am going to pick up where I left off now :)

Day 16 Challenge:
Post some pictures of clothing that describe/represent your personal style.

Ohh a clothes fun :)  Why did I put this off again?  My style changes depending on if I am teacher Bri, college student Bri, or going out Bri.  Being on a budget often prevents me from fully representing my style but I am a good bargain hunter ;) 

Teacher Bri: I'm totally not a "school bus dress wearing" teacher.  I prefer comfy dress pants, non-revealing tops, and sweaters.  I wear heels but flats are nice too for teaching since I'm sitting on the floor a lot.  If I wear skirts or dresses they are about knee length with non-see-through tights under.  My teacher wardrobe would ideally come from Ann Taylor Loft and Express but my lack of funds leaves me currently owning only a few pieces form these stores.  I try to buy lots of basic pieces in different colors that easily mix and match with each other to provide many options.

College Student Bri: I spend a great deal of my time being a nanny, sitting in classes, and going to the gym/cheering practice.  During these times I tend to dress comfy and not very classy.  I wear a lot of American Eagle/Aerie, and Forever 21 when I am college student Bri.

Going out Bri: I like to dress up when I'm not in comfy clothes or teaching clothes.  Depending on where we are going I kind of mix teaching clothes with comfy clothes and throw in a little more sexy. 

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thirty Day Challenge-Day Fifteen

What has made you happy this week?  Sad?  Annoyed/Angry?

  • My fabulous fiance.  I am so thankful to be engaged to someone who makes me happy every single day.
  • Ava Dane and Thomas Quinn.  I know I say this all the time but I truly have the best job ever. 
  • My engagement ring.  This is so superficial but I don't even care.  I smile every time I look down and see it on my finger.  It is absolutely perfect for me and I love everything it represents.
  • My friends.  I have been spending a lot of time with friends this week and this makes me happy.  They always make me laugh.
  • Nice weather!  Earlier this week the weather was beautiful and I was actually able to spend time outside without a winter coat.
  • Cheering.  I love cheering and even when I am stressed/tired/sore/frustrated at still always makes me happy.
  • Reading.  Reading a good book never fails to put me in a good mood.
  • Teaching.  I am only in the classroom a few days a week this semester but it makes me so happy.
  • I've lost weight finally!  This makes me happy for sure.
  • Daisy Bernadette :)
  • Ice coffee from Dunkin Donuts.  Gingerbread?  Pumpkin?  Coconut?  Yes please.
  • A few friends who are going through a hard time right now.
  • Safe Passage newsletters.  I want to be back NOW.
  • Gas prices.
  • The TV show 16 and Pregnant.  I always feel so sad watching the girls on that show.
  • Feeling like I never see Josh because of our ridiculously busy and conflicting schedules.
  • Stupid insurance people.  Why do those phone calls always take hours to complete?
  • Windy weather.  You mess up my hair and make my eyes water.  Cut it out.
  • My back.  I swear it never stops hurting.  I constantly feel like a large rock is being pushed into my lower back and sometimes my upper back too.
  • Girls who don't show up to cheering practice and bitch when they get kicked out of stunts.  Deal with it.
  • My K-3 Lit. teacher.  She is rude, unproductive, and annoying.  She wastes so much time, teaches me NOTHING, and treats us like children.  If you want to teach a 400 level 6 credit course, step it up!
  • Waking up early.  Ew.
  • Not being able to sleep when I have to wake up early.
  • Boys who hurt girls I care about.  Girls who put up with it...I promise the right boy will NOT make you feel like shit everyday.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thirty Day Challenge-Day Fourteen

Make a list of twelve things you are great at/talents you have.  Then make a list of twelve things you are bad at/struggle with.

Things I am good at:
  1.  I am great with children. 
  2. Shopping.  I'm a fabulous shopper.
  3. I am a very fast reader.  If I want to I can always finish a book in a few hours max.  I try to make them last though because I'm poor!
  4. I'm very good at remembering things.  Song lyrics, exact conversations, what people are wearing when I see them.  I remember the exact layout of most houses/buildings I have been in in my life. 
  5. Writing.  I am a good writer and can usually bust out an "A" paper in less than an hour.
  6. Standardized test taking.  Hmm, thankfully I am done with this though because being good at them does not make them anymore fun.  Promise.
  7. Public speaking/interviewing.  This is because of my pageant experience.  Also, I am a fab. bullshitter and can make what I am saying sound intelligent and impressive without having any idea what I am going to say until it comes out of my mouth...literally.  I don't know why.  I was one of those kids everyone wanted on their team for group presentations because with little to no preparation I could nail it.  This also makes me a kick ass debater.  Random, right?
  8. Multitasking.  I actually get bored when I am not allowed to do more than one thing at once.  I hate classes that don't allow me to type my notes because I get bored and zone out.
  9. I'm very flexible.  I regularly have to hold my foot to my head while in the air at cheering.  However, this is not a natural talent and is (unfortunately) something I have to work at every day.
  10. Singing.
  11. Staying organized.  I keep a planner in my purse and an assignment book in my bag.  I put all appointments, assignments, events, practices, work times, etc. in both of them.  I also check them off as they are completed.  I also have calenders everywhere and keep a to-do list on my desktop at all times.  I have folders on my desk top for school that are separated by year, semester, class, and notes/assignments.  I also have one for wedding planning that is just as organized.
  12. Texting.  I rarely have to look at my phone while texting.
 Things I am bad at:
  1. Memorizing/understanding anything with numbers.  Telephone numbers, dates, directions, etc.  I suck at anything to do with (even basic) math.
  2. Hiding my emotions.  I'm a super emotional person and if I am happy/angry/sad/annoyed/etc. everyone can always tell.
  3. Keeping my opinion to myself.  I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut and talk all the time.
  4. Sleeping.  I'm a horrible sleeper.  There will be nights when I lay awake all night and feel WIDE AWAKE for absolutely no reason.  Yes, this is just as annoying as it sounds.
  5. Talking on the phone (to most people).  I hate calling anyone other than those closest to me.  I literally freak out when I have to call distant relatives/friends or make any type of professional phone calls.  In person I can talk to anyone...this only applies to phone calls for some reason.
  6. Experiencing change.  I really like things to stay the same and it takes me way too long to adjust to any type of change.
  7. Running.  I swear no matter how often I run, I still suck at it.  This may be because of my slight heart murmur and other random illnesses.  This reminds me:
  8. Staying healthy.  I always get the weirdest medical problems.  Since high school I have had a horrible case of cat scratch disease, and salmonella (twice).  I also had the chicken pox twice as a kid even though everyone says you should only get it once.  I am lactose intolerant, have a small heart murmur (although it hasn't bothered me in awhile so I think it may have gone away!), poor circulation (I'm always cold and my legs and arms turn blue often.), and last year I had a cold for the entire winter.  Literally.  
  9. I'm really awful at saying "no".  I tend to be an overachiever and take on way too many activities/commitments at once.  This causes my days to be overwhelming and ridiculously busy.
  10. Finding teacher clothes that I like and are in my price range?  This is a constant struggle for me.
  11. Spelling!  Even though I am an avid reader and great language arts/english student, I am a horrible speller.  I have a huge vocabulary, I just have to spell check in order to use it.
  12.  Trying new food.  I really like to stick to what I know and am an extremely picky eater.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Thirty Day Challenge-Day Thirteen

Today's Challenge:
What is the craziest thing you have ever done?
The craziest thing I have ever done is climbed an active volcano in Guatemala City, Guatemala!  It was SO exhilarating and we were so close to the lava that our shoes would melt if we kept them in one place for two long.  It was also VERY hot.  The entire hike was difficult because the last half was made of purely volcanic rock that was sharp enough to cut us if we touched it or fell.  Also, the rocks were extremely unstable and we had to walk carefully in single file while leaving room between us in case someone FELL IN.  Super scary but the adrenaline rush was completely worth it.  When I go back to Guatemala I want to hike it again but at night because I have been told the lava looks very cool at night.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thirty Day Challenge-Day Twelve

We had such a great weekend but it went by way too quickly.  Friday I worked and then went for a long walk with my friend Lyndsay (we are thinking about two miles).  It was nice to finally get outside since it has been raining sooo much lately.  Friday night Josh and I just laid low since he had to take a huge/important test early Saturday Morning.  Saturday night we went out to eat at Margaritas (YUM!) with his friend Pete.  After we went to a UMO hockey game because my dad gave us some tickets he got from work.  I had never been to one before and we had lots of fun.  Today we slept in longer than originally planned so we didn't do too much.  I went for another walk with Lyndsay and then Josh and I did laundry/cleaned the apartment.  I am currently avoiding writing a paper by blogging.  :)
Today's challenge:
Christmas is coming soon!  Post your Christmas list for all to see.
Well, I have been struggling to come up with a Christmas list this year but I will do my best!  Please don't judge my expensive taste-that is the reason I don't usually post Christmas lists :/ Loved ones: Please do NOT feel required to buy me anything off of this list!
In no particular order with websites included (in case anyone is feeling generous, haha!):

Boots I have been wanting:

Ugg Boots: Size 5 Classic Tall for women in Chestnut.  They have free shipping right now!
Round-toe Stiletto boot in brown leather, size 5 1/2
Clothes I would love to own (any of these would be fine in different colors as well, if the ones I chose are unavailable!):
 American Eagle Puffer Vest in Navy, size medium (I read in the reviews that it runs small) On sale for only $20!
Women's American Eagle Boyfriend Racer Tank in baby pink, size small.  These are buy one get one 50% off and I totally wouldn't mind getting a 2nd one in any of the other colors (I wear these to practice allll the time!)
 Hollister Co. Womens (Bettys) Wheeler Springs Sweater in Pink, size medium (This is the PERFECT teaching cardigan!)
 Hollistor Co. Betty's (Women's) Solana Beach Sweater in red, size medium (another cute teaching cardigan)
 Hollister Co. Betty's (Women's) Jack Creek Sweater in Navy, size medium. (Teaching obvi.)
 Hollister Co. Women's (Betty's) Surfers Knoll Sweater in green, size medium (Another fabulous teaching sweater!)
Women's American Eagle Pocket Cardigan in purple, size small (for teaching of course!  I love this color but any of them would be appreciated.)
American Eagle Classic Cardigan in Raspberry Bubble (pink), size small. (Another teaching sweater that I would love in any color, but the pink stands out to me most.  On clearance for only $20!)
 Old Navy Women's Corsage Cardigan in Light Heather Gray, size small. (A TON of Old Navy cardigans just went on sale for $20, including this one.  Any of the colors would be amazing...I love these!)
Old Navy Women's V-Neck Cardigan in Tahiti Lagoon (turquoise), size small. (Another one of the Old Navy cardigans that is on sale for $20 that I love!)
Old Navy Women's Rosette Cardigan in Coca Powder, size regular-small.  (Yet another teacher sweater...are you seeing a trend yet?)
 Old Navy Women's Lace-Front Tank in Hibernation (white), size small (great high neck for under teaching sweaters which is unfortunately difficult to find.)

Old Navy Women's Lightweight Ruffle-Trim Top in Street (gray), size small. (great for under teaching cardigans!)
Charlotte Russe-Sleeveless Scoop Neck Ruched T-Back in green OR white, size small (another to wear under teaching sweaters!)
Maurices Satin Ruffle Front Top in Nine Iron (gray), size small (for, you guessed it, teaching!)
American Eagle Romantic Stone Necklace (elementary school teachers need fun jewelry!)
Books I would LOVE to have/read:  
Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver, Magic Hour by Kristin Hannah, Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen, Just Listen by Sarah Dessen, Precious: A Novel by Sandra Novack, A Child is Missing by Karen Beaudin, Must've Done Something Good by Cheryl Cory, Chosen by Chandra Hoffman, and anything else on my "must read" shelf on Goodreads.

Childrens books I would love to have for my classroom:
1000 Best New Teacher Survival Secrets by Martin and Brenny, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you See? by Eric Carl and Bill Martin, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs by Judi Barrett, The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carl, Miss Rumphius by Barbara Cooney, Olivia by Ian Falconer, David by David Shannon, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day by Judith Viorst, Frog and Toad are Friends by Arnold Lobel, etc. etc. etc. 

As you probably noticed, my focus right now is preparing for teaching.  I am in desperate need of teaching clothes and materials at the moment!  Trust me when I say you can NEVER have too many cardigans when you are a teacher :)   For fun I also love hoodies, sweat pants, socks (both ankle athletic and tall for under boots), gift cards, anything Boston Redsox, and candles.  I will probably add to this Christmas list if I find other items I would be interested in for Christmas!