Friday, October 29, 2010


I don't feel like writing an entire post so I am going to give short updates today instead. 

*It is Halloween weekend!  We still haven't decided on costumes yet...we are slackers.

*I'm watching "I didn't know I was Pregnant".  This show is so can you possibly NOT know you are pregnant?!

*UMF cheering has been going very well lately!  I'm getting so excited for our competition season and the routine is really coming together now.  That being said...last night I was working on my double twist and went early.  Now I have a cut and fat lip.  Riiight in time for Halloween.

*I just had to preregister for my FINAL semester at UMF.  I start student teaching January 18th.  CRAZY.

*We think Daisy has fleas.  I have no idea how this happened as she doesn't ever see other animals.  :(  Last night we sprayed her with flea stuff and I think we traumatized her for life.

*J and I are taking my brother to see J Cole and Ludacris at UMO on November 9th.  We are so excited!

*We saw Paranormal Activity 2 and I almost peed my pants.  Scariest movie I have ever seen for sure. 

*In my art class we are making paper mache animals.  I am making a porcupine.  Yes this is what I learn in college.

*I've been teaching math to Kindergartners two days a week and am already falling in love with my class.  I cannot wait to be a full time teacher :)

*J has to close at work tonight and I'm super bummed about this because we wanted to go to the Halloween dance at school. 

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