Friday, October 22, 2010


So, I am super bummed right now.  I was supposed to have the weekend off from work for literally the first time in months.  Unfortunately, I found out that they need me to work instead and I have to work at 7 am today, tomorrow, and Sunday.  UGH!  COME ON!  As you know, I love my job.  What you might not know is I HAAAAATE early mornings.  HATE THEM.  Unfortunately, my job tends to have me up at 6 am (earlier if I want to look cute) 5-6 days a week.  This weekend off meant the opportunity to go out with my friends and not have to suffer as a result with very few hours of sleep.  It also meant the ability to sleep in and be lazy with my fiance-something we both love but never have time for anymore.  :( Lameo.  I just need to keep reminding myself that we really need the extra money so I can suck it up.  I want a beautiful wedding *repeats* I want a beautiful wedding!

Anyways, enough complaining for one post.  Today J and I went to a Diversity Conference on campus for a few hours.  I was required to go for one of my classes but being the nerd I am, I was glad to be there!  I love hearing passionate speakers talk about subjects I'm interested in or ideas that will help me to be a better teacher in the future.  We even bought the book written by the Key Note speaker and had him sign it :)  It was fun!

In true Halloween spirit, I am getting in the mood to watch some scary movies!  Josh and I LOVED the first Paranormal Activity movie and literally barely slept for a few nights after seeing it in theaters last year.  The second one came out last night and we totally want to go see it ASAP.  I am pumped!  I also love the Saw movies (even though I think they have definitely gone down hill since the first two) and am planning on seeing the new Saw in 3D.  Hopefully neither of them disappoint! 

This week I started teaching in a Kindergarten class for my Teaching Math class.  For the rest of the semester instead of having class twice a week we volunteer in a math class for two hours a week and meet with cohort groups for one hour a week.  I was placed in a Kindergarten classroom about twenty minutes away from campus and I am having so much fun already!  I didn't feel I was learning ANYTHING in the class before this, so the opportunity to be in the classroom now instead is much more fulfilling as an educator.  I have fourteen students in my classroom and though I have only met them twice so far, I am already loving them!  I can't wait to go back on Tuesday!

The cheerleaders I coach have their 2nd to last game this Saturday!  I cannot believe the season is already almost over.  However, I must admit that I am excited to have a little commitment taken out of my days again.  I am currently coaching Tuesdays 2:30-4:30 and Wednesday 6-7:45 (20 mins away).  We also have games most weekends on Saturdays that we have to be at for at least 3 hours (we require the girls to be there an hour before the game starts to practice and get organized).  I have UMF cheering practice Sundays 8-9:30, Mondays 7-9, and Wednesdays 8-9:30.  If you didn't notice, that means my Wednesdays are driving straight from coaching to practice and getting there late.  I usually have to bring my dinner to coaching so I don't pass out flying at practice.  This doesn't even include work and classes!  I really do love being busy but having a little break before student teaching will be nice too.

Thanks for reading!  I will try to write more soon :)  xoxo

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