Tuesday, September 14, 2010


This weekend there was a free concert on campus that was so much fun!  J and I went Saturday night and ended up making out way all the way to the front-touching the stage.  The concert ended at midnight and we went out afterwords to visit some friends and ended up getting home after 2 am.  I had already been up at 6 for work that morning, coached a game 45 mins away, and was exhausted!  Sunday I had to work at 7 again but luckily only until noon so I was able to come home and take a nap for a few hours to catch up on sleep.  That night we took J's mom out to dinner at The Granary for her birthday with FFIL :)  It was great to see them and I had an awesome salad.  (Trying to eat healthy again-only about 5 more pounds to go!!)

Quinn is getting SO BIG!  He is almost ten months old now, has two teeth, and can climb all fifteen stairs in his house.  He is also talking and says mama, dada, num num or mmm (for food), and we are working on B or bubu for ME.  :)

Ava started at her new preschool last week and loves it.  She told me all about primary and secondary colors and how to mix them the other day.  We have been working on math and she is also doing well with that.  Dance class started up again for the season which she loves but had to skip this week because she has a cold.  BOO!

Every morning the three of us dance to kids music in the kitchen after breakfast which is totally cute.  We have had a fun week because their aunt had a baby boy a week ago and he has been staying with Ava and Quinn's family with his parents.  I have spent most of my time cuddling with a week old baby :)  He is too adorable and tiny!!  I WANT ONE (not yet calm down mom and FMIL!)

Josh bought me flowers after my bad day last week and they are beautiful!  I will post a picture later.  I am such a lucky girl!

I had a student teaching meeting today.  I can't believe I will finally be student teaching in a few months!  CRAZY!

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