Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First day of school!

Today was my last first day of classes (as a student) ever!  It is so weird.  I only had one class from 1:10-3:30 and it was Children Literature Grades K-3.  I really liked it!  The professor has an annoying voice that is going to drive me crazy but other than that is seems great.  I have to write a 3-5 page paper for Wednesday on How I Became Literate.  We are supposed to go in chronological order and describe all of our memories with reading.  Reading always came easy for me so I don't have as many stand out memories as I would for say, math but my list looks like this so far:

Library with mom-crocodile book? Bill maybe?  (IDK MOM?!)
Being read to by mom all the time
receiving books every year for holidays from Uncle Brent
Reading corner in Kindergarten up in a "tree house"
Loved reading aloud (still do!)
Reading Pals (having one and then being one)
Reading to little brother
Advanced reading groups
Reading to kids-learning I wanted to be a teacher someday
Reading Spanish=HARD for me.
Still love reading
Good Reads?

hmm thats all I have.  However, the professor read hers and it included TONS of completely specific reading memories.  I think I will have to make those up as I go along...
OH also, very exciting news.  Our professor informed us that we will each be tutoring a student for an hour a week during class time at the local elementary school.  So cool and much better than sitting in class if you ask me!

On a separate note- It has been 100 degrees outside all week.  I have probably lost 10 pounds because of sweating too much (ew, I know).  I had coaching tonight and we had to make the girls drink water about every 5 minds because I was honestly scared someone would pass out if we didn't.  Apparently a bunch of local schools even closed early because the air was "not safe" for so many kids.  Crazy!  This is Maine!  In September!  Global Warming much?  Yikes.

We planned out a bunch of stuff for UMF cheering tonight such as practice times, welcome night, and fundraisers and I am getting super excited now!  YAY!

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