Monday, September 27, 2010

Chop my body off please?

Tonight we had our first UMF cheering practice of the season.  Lets just say, my body is SORE.  We practiced our competition jump sequence many times (which includes a toe touch, right side, left side whip-for all you cheerleaders out there) and most of us haven't jumped since last season.  I also had Stephen and Anna stretch the heck out of my back/legs in ways that they haven't been stretched in months.  Ouch, ouch, double ouch.  I'm pretty sure every single part of my body hurts right now...and practice only ended an hour ago.  I am predicting torture tomorrow!  Oh well, totally worth it :)  I am so excited for the season to start!  We had a ton of new girls...I hope we didn't scare them off. 

Josh is sick...and closing at work tonight.  I feel awful!  I made him tea before he left and it helped temporarily but I'm sure working til midnight isn't going to help much.  Hopefully some sleep tonight will make it a little better. 

I'm also very excited for my birthday...only a few more days! 

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