Monday, September 6, 2010

Beach house!

Fiance and I were invited to a beach house on a private beach in Georgetown for the weekend with the family I nanny for.  We were actually invited for the whole week but unfortunately classes got in the way and we were only able to spend Friday-Sunday with them.  Basically, I got paid to stay in the most AMAZING house I have ever stepped foot in and hang out on the beach.  Soooo awesome.  They want to go back next year and promise to plan it around my schedule so I can make it the whole time.  Even more awesome!  The house is only 12-years-old but is full of antiques and things made to look old.  I spent so much time taking in all the perfect details of this house and though my fellow bloggers may enjoy :) Here are some pictures of the fabulous house:
For some reason my blog is being super slow uploading pictures right now so that is it for now!  

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