Sunday, August 15, 2010

Reception Venues!!

Friday I went to visit three different reception venues with Joshua and my mom. Very exciting! First we went to Spectacular Event Center in Bangor. It was really nice and I loved the lady who met with us. The one factor that bugged us about them was that they would not/could not guarantee us the reception room that we wanted. Even if we booked with them first, if a bigger party came along and wanted our date too, they would get our room and we would be bumped down into the much uglier and smaller room.

The next place we visited was Jeff's Catering in Brewer. I can sum up my opinions on this place in two words- HELL NO! First of all, when we got there a large dog about ran us over. I'm all for dogs but it wasn't very professional. Then when we got to see Jeff-he had NO idea we had a scheduled meeting. I had been emailing someone from Jeff's Catering back and forth for a few weeks and had even sent a confirmation email a few days before the appointment. He proceeded to "show us around", if you can even call it that, by showing us the rooms without any info or selling points what so ever. I know they are cheap and their food is supposed to be awesome but come onnnnn! I didn't even bother asking questions because he was so rude! J was appalled!

We stopped to eat a fabulous meal at SeaDog! Yum! J got this HUGE burger that I had to take a picture of. He said it was delicious but I'm not really (at all) a burger girl so I will take his word for it.
I took a picture of my yummy salad too! It had apples, walnuts, chicken, blue cheese crumbles, and a really different dressing on the side that I fell in love with.
Mom's meal was boring so she didn't get a picture. Finally, we visited our future reception venue! YAY! With no further delay, I present to you: The Morgan Hill Event Center in Hermon!

Part of the outside of the building:

View from the stage:
View of the ballroom from the wrap around balcony:
The ballroom set up for a ceremony:

One of the two beautiful (working!) fireplaces:

The website doesn't have any nice pictures of the outside but it is gorgeous too! There are beautiful gardens and a pond. If you can't tell, I am absolutely in LOVE with this reception venue. Josh loves it too and we both agreed we don't need to look any further because this place is so "us". The pictures don't even do it justice. We are putting a deposit down soon for July 7, 2012! Yes, that is right- it is official. I will be a married woman July 7, 2012. EEK!

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