Friday, August 20, 2010

Quick updates

I have a bunch of things to talk about but only a little to say about each thing so I am going to do a "list-style" blog post today.  Enjoy :)

1. I am head coaching a local 7th and 8th grade football cheering squad this year and tryouts started this week.  Two of my fellow UMF cheerleaders are assistant coaching and we are very excited!  At our first tryout we had 16 girls and we are expecting a few more to join.  The commitment is only two practices a week and Saturday games so it isn't too bad.  Also, I want to coach when I am a teacher so this is good practice/a good resume builder!  The girls were really good and impressed me with their talent.  It should be a good season!

2. I made cake balls last week!  SO YUMMY!  You basically bake a cake (I did red velvet box cake) and let it cool.  Then crumple it up into a bowl and mix with frosting (messy!).  Roll the new "batter" into little balls and put on wax paper.  Place in the freezer over night (I didn't put them in longer and the next steps were harder then they should have been.  Don't get impatient!).  Melt chocolate bark and roll the balls (hehe balls) in the chocolate.  We did regular and white chocolate. YUM.

3. Josh and I have been cleaning our apartment.  When we moved in we left a few boxes of random stuff that we didn't want to get rid of yet but wanted to eventually use.  Lame.  Annnnnyways we have company coming this weekend and it motivated us to finally get things in order.  This makes us much happier.

4. Tonight I work at 8:30 and Josh works 5-close.  I miss spending nights cuddled up reading or watching movies :(

5. I am looking to buy a new vehicle!  My car is old (a 1995 Honda Civic) and probably won't pass inspection this December without a ton of work.  I really, really, really love Jeep Liberties!  However, my main income is made under the table so financing might be a problem.  Any suggestions on how to get around this?  We can easily handle car payments but don't have much of a down payment to put down right now.  Ughh.

6. Did I mention me and Josh's families met last weekend?  We got together at my uncle and aunt's house and everything went so well!  The weather was beautiful and my family was so generous to provide the house and tons of food.  They even had a cake with our picture on it! Aww!  We hung out by the pool all day and both families got along well with absolutely no awkwardness whatsoever.  J's family was also able to see the Morgan Hill Event Center after!  We called them up and they told us their was a wedding going on but to show up and they would bring us up on the balcony to "see it in action".  Thankfully, they loved it as much as we do!

7. This Sunday there is going to be another family get together with my mom, her mom, Josh's parents, Josh's Aunt, and Josh's grandmother.  They are all coming to our apartment because the grandmothers haven't seen it yet.  After we are all going to go to lunch at The Granary which is our favorite local restaurant.  It should be another good time :)

Thats it for now.  Hope you are enjoying your Friday!

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