Saturday, August 21, 2010


I saw this on another blog and felt like filling it out!

I love... my fiance, friends, family, Daisy Bernadette, my job, my major and future career, shopping, reading, taking naps, sunny weather, children, ice cream, dresses, flowers, lazy days, cheerleading, decorating, being organized, helping others, and traveling.

I hate... discrimination, rain when I need to go somewhere and want to look nice, bugs, lies, unexpected change, being pale, being cold, sleeping alone, running, not getting enough sleep, feeling sick, paying bills, being ignored, my car, and losing things. 

I put up with... my car (for now), never being able to sleep through the night, having no money so I can go to school, and my fiance biting his nails (EW).

I want... to marry Joshua (hehe), a new laptop, to lose ten pounds, to see my friends who live too far away, to make Dean's List again this semester, to watch The Office, to be at Country Fest right now :(, to buy a Jeep Liberty, some cute fall/winter clothes, to get an awesome teaching job next year at a school near Josh's equally awesome teaching job, and to save money this year.

I wish... Money wasn't an issue so I could move to Guatemala for a few years and take one of the long term teaching positions Safe Passage is hiring for right now, it was easier to manage my time well enough to see everyone I love while still getting good grades and working at the same time, there were better restaurants in my town, I worked out more this summer, and that UMF cheering would start already!

I need... to clean my bathroom, to go grocery shopping, to pay bills, to work out, to catch up on sleep, to call my mom and finalize plans for tomorrow.

I can't... wink with my right eye, snap with my right hand, watch scary movies alone, afford a puppy (but I really want one!), run fast, or write neatly (I'm working on it!).

I fear... spiders, scary men who fight loudly at the bars behind my apartment at night when Josh is working, global warming, the economy and lack of available teaching jobs in Maine, small spaces, driving in snow storms at night, drowning, failure, and losing loved ones.

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