Thursday, July 22, 2010


Yesterday Josh and I took Ava and Quinn the the beach all day. The weather was beautiful and what a great way to spend my work day :) I "worked" 7-6 but now I have four days off and I am super excited. Tonight I have having dinner with one of my best friends, Kristi. She is engaged too! Very exciting :)

More about my engagement! Josh and I are planning a late June or early July 2012 wedding. We are student teaching in the spring and then graduating. After that we are moving (who knows where?!) and applying to every teaching job available in Maine. There is clearly no way to plan a wedding for that summer without going completely insane...which is the reason for the 2012 wedding and two year long engagement. We are very excited and have already started planning and saving. My ring is PERFECT and I love it so much. Pictures don't come close to doing it justice but I love any chance to show it off so here are a few anyways-

I will probably be posting often about our wedding planning because its pretty much always on my mind.

More later,

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