Saturday, July 31, 2010

Busy week!

This week has been super busy! Today I "worked" a twelve hour shift and tomorrow I work an eleven hour one. In fact, this is going to have been a fifty hour work week for me...and I had Monday off. Yeaaah I am sleepy! I clearly loooove my job but my lack of sleep is definitely starting to catch up with me! I just got home at 8 and now fiance is closing at work :( Boring. I think I will curl up with my current book and read until I fall asleep.

It is crazy that July is almost over! Where has summer gone :( This is my last summer as a college student! Completely ridiculous. I am very excited to be done with school and become a teacher but it is still a bit sad to end this time of my life. I will miss the social scene for sure. Also, unlike most of my peers, I actually enjoy classes. I love learning (Yes, if you haven't figured it out yet-I am a total nerd), especially about my future career field. I love reading and discussing literature that challenges to me. I love being pushed to discover information I would never attempt to uncover on my own. Over all, I just love the feeling of bettering myself everyday and getting class credit for it. (Okay maybe I should have emphasized the total nerd part?) ;)

Okay, time for that book and bed. Plus Daisy on my head I'm sure. Goodnight!


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